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SSP Helps Educate Tomorrow’s Leaders

The vision of Student Sponsorship Programme (SSP) is "Leaders for South Africa". To build leaders, potential must be identified early and nurtured holistically. This is the role of SSP. SSP makes it possible for academically distinguished, low-income students to flourish through attending South Africa's top high schools.

Education in SA and the Apartheid Legacy

Africa’s greatest need is for strong leadership. The SSP believes that leaders are cultivated from a young age. However, youths with the basic ingredients of intelligence and drive will become leaders only if they receive a solid education.

A world-class Governmental schooling system existed in the ‘old’ South Africa, but for the privileged few. Terrible backlogs were left by 40 years of apartheid education, where money was pumped into white education at the expense of black schools in the townships and rural areas. Although today's government is intent on rectifying the imbalances in education, the apartheid legacy lingers on. 30% of black adults (over 15 years of age) are functionally illiterate, and only 14% have a high school or higher education.

With the limited funds Governmental funds available, a good education has still become the privilege of the few, but this time for those that can afford it. The majority of Government schools operate on a shoe string budget with minimal facilities at best. Most schools in the townships and in rural areas struggle for resources as a result. Teachers are poorly trained, and the matric pass rate remains unacceptably low. Rebuilding the educational environment and retraining teachers is a slow and difficult process.

The Private schools, afforded by the elite, attract the best teachers, and offer world class facilities and a range of extra mural activities, ingredients critical to developing a well rounded individual. The private schools chart a path of excellence, adopting cutting-edge trends, or offering solid, religious-based education since their early origins as mission schools. The private schools cater for about two percent of the country's 12 million learners, and the majority of these are white.

Deracialisation of our schooling system has thus become a priority for Government and Educators alike; this term alludes to the concerted effort to undo the prejudices in our country, and to break down the rigid racial compartments that were institutionalized in the education system by the apartheid regime. The SSP programme has become an essential tool to assist the Private Schools in this regard.

The SSP Vision

To provide academically distinguished, low income South African high school students an opportunity to excel at South Africa's best high schools.

Our Goal

To ensure that our students graduate, receive college acceptable grades, and go on to college or other tertiary education.

The Programme

The SSP Programme finances five years of high school education at one of Johannesburg's top secondary schools. Our students are recruited from primary schools across the province. Students who are currently in grade seven participate in our recruitment process, which includes an entrance exam as well as various interviews. The main criteria for acceptance into the programme includes academic excellence and financial need. The SSP selection is purposely rigorous to prepare students to face the academic challenges of our selective partner schools – SSP accepts the top two to four percent of all applicants. The majority of students selected into the programme come from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. Their parents typically work as domestic servants, clerical workers, or are unemployed. The students live in the townships around Johannesburg, such as Soweto and Alexandra.

SSP offers a comprehensive support system, which includes the following elements:

· A mentor for each student. SSP organizes four events per year to encourage the students and mentors to build a relationship;

· Extra lessons for the students;

· Student Workshops around pertinent issues such as time management, study skills and life skills;

· Counseling for both students and parents on an as-needed basis;

· An intensive four-day orientation for the students;

· A peer group with other SSP students;

· An orientation for their parents;

· A parent-to-parent host programme and a Parents’ Forum;

· Career guidance; and

· Counseling for more serious adjustment issues.

SSP also ensures that every high school student has both the guidance and the financial resources to attend university. Our comprehensive database allows students to search for scholarships using a wide range of criteria, including geography, intended major at university, scholarships available to children of certain employers etc. As SSP students have demonstrated exceptional academic performance at Johannesburg's best secondary schools, several universities have expressed interest in recruiting SSP students specifically. SSP employees have been working with the universities to develop special financial aid packages targeted for SSP students.

Our Partner Schools

SSP has developed partnerships with some of the top high schools in Johannesburg. We carefully select our partner schools based on the following criteria:

· Graduation and university placement rates

· Overall academic excellence and opportunities for learning experiences

· Support from the school's governing body, headmaster/headmistress

· Ability to send a critical mass to the school per year

· Commitment from the school to accept a critical mass each year over five years

· Appointment of an SSP school coordinator.

SSP currently has partnerships with St. John’s College, St. Mary’s School, St. Stithian’s School, Roedean School, Redhill School, St. Martin’s, Parktown Girls High School, McAuley House, American International School of Johannesburg

Results to date

Our data collection effort reveals the following:

· Over 70% of SSP students’ outperform the grade average of their peers in their respective high schools and a large number of our students consistently receive academic distinctions.

· SSP students take on significant leadership roles in their schools, including student government, international exchange programs, the arts and athletics. The Head Boys of St Johns College and Redhill, and the Head Girl at McAuley House are all SSP students this year.

· We held our very first graduation ceremony of the inaugural SSP class on 4 December 2004. 100% of the graduates have gone onto tertiary education. Of our second class, 75% have gone into tertiary education immediately, with some taking a gap year.

· Our programme is growing very fast. We started with 25 students in 2000, and have grown at triple digit rates since 2000. There are currently 204 students in the programme with a total of 57 graduates..

Financial Credibility

SSP is a registered Public Benefit Organization in South Africa and a 501(c)(3) organization in the USA. SSP is audited by KPMG annually. The three SSP Trustees, Teresa Clarke, Nyagaka Ongeri and Heather Cooper, are signatories on the bank account, and hold monthly finance meetings at which we review our cash positions. Detailed financial information can be provided in our Audited Financials and our Annual Budget.

Cost of the Programme

Our funding model offers corporations the opportunity to fund a number of students throughout their high school career. The total average cost of educating one student per year is R43,683 or $5,800 for the academic year 2006. The dollar rate is based on a current exchange rate of R7.50.

Sponsorship is for the student’s full five years of high school. This contribution amount can be broken into the following categories: 89% to school expenses (school fees and student stipend), 7% to student support expenses (extra lessons, orientations, etc.), 3% to general administration, and 1% to student recruitment expenses.

SSP Patrons

· Shirley Arnold – Ernst & Young

· John Coulter – Brait

· Ronald Gault – JP Morgan

· Adam Horowitz – Merill Lynch

· Michael Katz – Edward Nathan & Friedland

· Vusi Khanyile – Thebe Investments

· Wendy Luhabe – Wendy Luhabe Foundation

· Felicia Suttle – South African Tourism

· Max Maisela – NBC Holdings

· Moeletsi Mbeki – Endemol Productions SA

· Louisa Mojela – WIPHOLD

· Neil Morrison – Duetsche Bank

· Donna Oosthuyse - Citigroup


South Africa’s top business, governmental and NGO organizations support SSP. These supporters include the following organizations: Abt Associates, Anglo American, Babcock, Bowman Gilfillian, Brait Foundation, Cazenove, Citigroup, Colley Educational Trust, Deloitte & Touche, Derek FitzRoy du Toit Memorial, Deutsche Bank, Development Bank of SA, Educational Development Trust, Ernest Oppenheimer Memorial Trust, Ernst & Young, Ethos, Honorable Kader Asmal, Gold Reef City, Goldman Sachs, Harvard Business School Club of South Africa, Infrastructure Finance Corporation Ltd, Investec Bank, JPMorgan Chase, Kelvin Power, Merrill Lynch Smith Borkum, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Nedbank, Negotiated Benefit Consultants Holdings, Raith Foundation, Rand Merchant Bank, Sphere Holdings, Standard Bank Foundation, Starr Foundation, Standard Corporate and Investment Banking, White & Case.

In addition to our supporters in South Africa, SSP also receives support from organizations and individuals in the USA and the UK.

SSP Trustees

Teresa Clarke - Vice President, Goldman Sachs.

Former Managing Director of Abt Associates South Africa, an international consulting firm headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts USA. Ms. Clarke also served on the Board of the Student Sponsorship Partnership in New York for several years and chaired the New Sponsorship Recruitment Committee. Ms Clarke currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Harvard University Episcopal Chaplaincy. She holds a BA in Economics cum laude from Harvard College, an MBA from Harvard Business School and a JD from Harvard Law School.

Nyagaka Ongeri - Director, Barclays Capital. Former Vice President, J.P. Morgan, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Prior to joining J.P. Morgan, he worked on the Debt Capital Markets Desk of Merrill Lynch in New York for four years. Mr. Ongeri holds a BA in finance, summa cum laude, from Howard University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Heather Cooper - Executive Director

Prior to joining the Student Sponsorship Programme, Ms. Cooper worked as a consultant for Standard Bank (Strategy and Architecture), an analyst for Abt Associates, an analyst for the US-South Africa Business Council as well as an accounts manager for Procter & Gamble. Ms. Cooper holds a BA from Hamilton College, and an MA from John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.

You Deserve a Perfect Fit with Hollard Fenomenal Woman

Introducing a fenomenal insurance package tailor-made to suit your every need.

It’s the way you style your hair. The way you wear your clothes and how they don’t wear you. It’s how you wait for no one. And how, when you want something done, you’re the one that makes it happen. It’s that extra bit of time you take in the morning to look your best for nobody other than yourself. Your toughness in the workplace. Your tenderness at home. It’s in your tender heart, and in its braveness. It’s how you face the world alone. And how you take on every day with the greatest faith of all – that within yourself. It’s really all of this and so much more that makes you A FENOMENAL WOMAN!

You deserve the perfect fit

For being so fenomenal, we felt that the least we could do is offer you something that every woman is after, the perfect fit:

Life assurance, funeral and disability benefits that can be tailored to your individual needs. The package also includes a range of lifestyle benefits at no additional cost.

To secure your children’s future and your retirement, Fenomenal Woman also offers you an Education Savings plan and a Retirement Annuity Plan.

We know that fenomenal women are fully aware of the unpredictability of the future. So instead of going on about the bad things that could happen, we thought we’d update you on the good things that can happen, should you choose this designer package from Hollard Fenomenal Woman.

Designed for you

Created with you, the fenomenal woman, in mind, Fenomenal Woman is available as a package and can be custom-made to fit your specific needs. So have a browse, see what we have to offer and feel free to mix and match.

Being fenomenal comes with everybody wanting a piece of your time, which is why we’ve kept this light enough to whisk through. Should you need a more detailed explanation of any of our benefits, simply call us on 0800 25 25 25 or SMS your name to 31462 and we’ll be more than happy to advise you on a solution that fits you best. If you prefer to visit our website, you can find us at

Fenomenal Woman, your perfectly fitting solution includes:

· Life cover of up to R250 000 with no medical examination required. For increased cover betweenR250 000 and R5 million, a medical will be required.

Your Fenomenal Woman Life policy also includes a range of additional benefits, at no additional cost:

· R2 000 Baby Bonus, which can be spent on some special items for your new bundle of joy.

· Lifestyle Discounts for when you’d like to be spoiled.

· A MoneyBack benefit that rewards you every five years.

Fenomenal Woman also provides support during times of need:

· Funeral Support & Body Transport for an untimely passing.

· A Trauma and Assault Benefit that offers you access to specific counseling, should you ever be exposed to a traumatic situation.

· HIV Protection Treatment is your essential protection from the disease.

· Emergency Medical Services Benefit for those unforeseen circumstances.

· Legal Support Benefit gives you access to legal experts.

· Health Support Benefit meets all your health-related needs.

Other optional benefits:

· The Education Savings Benefit* offers your children a chance at fulfilling their dreams.

· Accidental Disability* provides you with cover, should you encounter disability due to an unfortunate accident.

· Funeral Benefit assists with the high costs of funerals.

· Retirement Annuity Cover offers you the same standard of living during your retirement.

· Accidental Death Cover provides you or your family with cover, should you encounter disability or a fatal accident.

· A nominal fee will be charged for the abovementioned optional extra benefits.

Fenomenal Woman Life Cover

Statistics show that South African women are at more risk than ever of suffering an accident or assault that results in a permanent disability, or worse yet, death. And this can have devastating consequences on the victim’s dependants.

As a fenomenal woman, you know how it feels to have people relying on you. And in the event of your death, you want to be sure that your loved ones have the money they need to afford the life they deserve.

Which is why Fenomenal Woman Life Cover Benefit is perfect for you and will support your family when you’re no longer there to provide for them. No medical examination or HIV test is required for cover up to R250 000, and if you’re between 18 and 65 you cannot be turned down. You further have an option to take life cover of more than R1 million if a medical examination and an HIV test are done.

For life cover that does not require medical tests, your monthly premium depends on your age and your choice of other Fenomenal Woman product options. You can also take out cover for your spouse.

Note: A waiting period of 12 months applies in the event of death from natural causes, and 24 months in the event of death from pre-existing conditions or suicide.

Additional FREE benefits:

The following additional benefits are included in the Fenomenal Woman offer at no extra charge:

Baby Bonus

Every mother knows that a new baby brings not only bliss but also extra costs for things like nappies, baby food, a baby cot and clothes.

Fenomonal Woman pays out a lump sum Baby Bonus of R2 000 for each of the first three babies you have while you are covered. Which helps with the additional costs of a new baby and lets you focus on looking after your little bundle of joy.

There is no additional premium for this benefit.

Note: The policy must have been in force for a minimum of 12 months before the birth of the first baby. Stillborn children are covered after 29 weeks from the date of the conception.

Fenomenal Woman Lifestyle Discounts

Here’s a perfectly fitting way to reward yourself! When you take up Fenomenal Woman Cover, you’re automatically entitled to a range of FREE discounts on the things that really matter to you as a woman. You will receive discounts on magazines ranging from 20% to 50% on annual subscriptions to over 70 titles such as Car, House and Leisure, Oprah, Cosmopolitan, Top Billing, Drum, True Love and Elle. You’ll also receive a discount of 8% on prepaid airtime (Vodacom, MTN, Virgin Mobile and Cell C), a discount of 20% on Ster Kinekor movie tickets, a discount of 15% on luxury busses including Greyhound, Luxliner, InterCape and Translux, and a range of Spa and Beauty Treatment discounts at top quality spas such as the Camelot Spa Group.

Visit for a full list of our magazine and health spa member discounts.

MoneyBack Benefit

Being a fenomenal woman means you deserve a little extra – which is why Fenomenal Woman includes a MoneyBack Benefit of a lump sum amount paid to you every five years.

And, unlike other policies, your MoneyBack Benefit is payable regardless of whether you have claimed on your Fenomenal Woman policy!

Your MoneyBack Benefit amount will be up to a maximum of 20% of your premiums for Fenomenal Woman’s Life Cover Benefit for you (and your partner if applicable).

There is no additional premium for this benefit.

Note: The amount of any MoneyBack Benefit is at the sole discretion of Hollard and depends on the investment and other experience of Hollard during the time. The Moneyback benefit is payable in respect of life cover premiums and is dependent on the life insured being alive (i.e. no death claims) after five years.

Lifestyle Benefits

In addition to Fenomenal Woman’s Life Cover, Baby Bonus and MoneyBack Benefits, you’re also entitled to the following range of Lifestyle Benefits at no extra charge.

Funeral Support and Repatriation Benefit

Arranging the funeral of a loved one is stressful enough without having to face the added burden of documentation and paying the costs of transporting the body. This benefit includes assistance with the claim, transportation of the deceased, identification of credible undertakers and suppliers of flowers, catering, vehicles, tents, other equipment and tombstones, legal assistance and advice on documentation.

Should anyone entitled to the benefit die, the deceased will be transported by road or air to the final funeral home closest to the place of burial in South Africa. This benefit covers transportation of the body to the place of burial from anywhere in South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and Mozambique (south of the 22ยบ latitude) provided the burial takes place within South Africa.

Every effort will be taken to meet any special needs or cultural preferences regarding the transportation of the deceased.

In addition to the transportation of the deceased to the final funeral home, the benefit includes the following features:

· One relative may accompany the body to the final funeral home and, if needed, overnight accommodation will be provided at no additional cost

· Assistance and advice on claims procedures is provided to the surviving family

· Legal assistance can be arranged to assist in interpreting the Will and handling of documentation if necessary

· Advice on the handling of all the necessary documentation such as obtaining a death certificate and cross-border documentation

· Referral to a pathologist if an autopsy is necessary

· Referral to reputable Funeral Parlours and providers of other funeral services e.g. catering, tents, etc.

· Assistance in finding a tombstone provider.

This benefit comes free with your Fenomenal Woman Life Cover, and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Trauma and Assault Benefit

Should you or a family member suffer an assault, you are eligible for cover of R5 000 per eligible person to a maximum of R10 000 per family in respect of medical treatments for bodily injury.

Should you or a family member suffer a trauma, you are eligible for cover of R5 000 per eligible person to a maximum of R10 000 per family in respect of psychiatric consultations.

You also have access to a helpline that arranges the nearest local emergency assistance service and provides emergency transport to the nearest, most appropriate medical facility. This important benefit is available to you at the time you need it most – simply call 0860 000 520, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

HIV Protection Treatment Benefit

Should you suffer a sexual assault, you are entitled, at your discretion, to 24-hour access to telephonic HIV trauma councellors, three psychiatric consultations with a specialist, and three HIV blood tests per incident: one immediately after the event and the second and third at six weeks and three months respectively. (Should you be HIV positive at the time of the initial blood test, further testing will not be covered.)

Provided that exposure has been established, and strictly on the treating doctor’s orders, if you are HIV negative you will also be provided access to:

· A 30-day starter pack of antiretroviral medication

· A 7-day course of STI (Sexually Transmitted Infections) medication

· A ‘morning-after pill’ to prevent pregnancy

· Registration for an HIV management programme, where applicable

· 24 hours a day, 365 days a year telephonic access to FMS HIV counselling centre for information, advice and support.

Should you be HIV positive at the time of the event, you will be provided access to:

· 24 hours a day, 365 days a year telephonic trauma and HIV counselling

· Three consultations (per incident) with a specialist, either a general practitioner, a trauma-trained registered nurse or a trauma counsellor

· A 7-day course of STI medication

· A ‘morning-after pill’ to prevent pregnancy.

This benefit comes at no extra charge with your Fenomenal Woman Cover.

Emergency Medical Services Benefit

Your Fenomenal Woman Cover entitles you to a range of FREE Emergency Medical Services, including emergency medical advice and information, emergency response to a scene of a medical emergency by road or air, transfer to the most appopriate facility, transfer of life-saving medications and emergency blood, non-emergency/general medical telephonic consultation and advice, guaranteed hospital admission (maximum R2 000), repatriation of member/return of mortal remains and companionship and/or care of stranded minors.

Legal Support Benefit

Your Fenomenal Woman Cover also entitles you to a FREE Legal Support Benefit. This gives you access to legal experts on all personal legal matters and assistance with legal documents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It also includes one 30-minute face-to-face consultation per case, legal support and documentation, Wills and Estate Planning services, Employment Labour Law and industrial relations services, a tax information helpline and much more.

Health Support Benefit

As a Fenomenal Woman policyholder, you are automatically entitled to a FREE Health Support Benefit, which gives you the peace-of-mind of having access to a professional telephonic assistance service to deal with any health query, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Services include access to an audio health services library, advice on everyday health decisions, emergency medical advice, health counselling, stress management and more.

Optional Education Savings Benefit

As a woman you know how important it is to save for your children’s education – which is why Fenomenal Woman offers you an optional Education Savings Benefit.

You can choose your monthly Savings Premium starting from just R100, and you can choose the period of your Term of Saving.

You can make one withdrawal within the first five years of your Term of Saving, and you have the option to withdraw your savings at any point after 5 years. The final payout is paid at the end of your Term of Saving, or in the event of your death.

If your monthly Savings Premium is R200 or more, you can choose to invest in one of three Portfolios: Stable Fund, Managed Fund or Equity Fund – each with varying degrees of risk and return. If your monthly Savings Premium is less than R200, you are limited to the Stable Fund.

Your Fenomenal Woman insurance planner can give you more information about the Savings Benefit.

Note: The full savings premiums paid, less premium charges, purchase units in the savings account. Premium Charges and Management Fees contribute towards maintaining the savings account. There are no guarantees of the savings account values. Annual Premium Escalations (APE) can be increased in multiples of 1% to a maximum of 10%. If premium escalation is specified, the savings premium will increase annually on the policy anniversary at the APE rate chosen.

Optional Accidental Disability Benefit

As a woman you know how easily accidents happen – and should you suffer an injury you may be faced with unexpected and unwelcome costs.

Fenomenal Woman gives you the option of taking out Accidental Disability cover at a small additional premium – to give you the peace-of-mind of knowing that you will receive a cash payout in the event of a permanent disability as a result of an accident.

If you’re between 18 and 65, you can choose your total Disability Sum Assured from a minimum of R50 000 to a maximum of R500 000.

The benefit amount is a proportion of the Disability Sum Assured, and depends on the type of disability, as per the table below.

The following will be paid out in the event of an Accidental Disability claim:

Loss or loss of use of two limbs 100%

Loss or loss of use of one limb 50%

Loss or loss of use of both hands or both feet 100%

Loss or loss of use of one hand or one foot 50%

Loss of sight in both eyes 100%

Loss of sight in one eye 50%

Loss of hearing in both ears 100%

Loss of hearing in one ear 25%

Loss of speech 100%

Loss of four fingers 25%

Loss of thumb (whole thumb) 25%

Loss of index finger (whole finger) 10%

Loss of great toe (whole toe) 25%

Note: Each insured person may make more than one Accidental Disability claim, but the maximum amount payable in respect of all claims is limited to the total Disability Sum Assured. A waiting period of 6 months applies.

Optional Funeral Benefit

In the sad event of a death in your family, you or your loved ones shouldn’t have to worry about the costs of a funeral.

Which is why Fenomenal Woman offers you an optional Funeral Benefit for a small additional premium. You can choose the amount of the Funeral Benefit from a minimum of R2 000 to a maximum of R20 000, according to the table below:

Funeral Sum Assured Entry Ages

Member Min Max Min Max

Main Life R2 000 R20 000 18 yrs 65 yrs

Partner R2 000 R20 000 18 yrs 65 yrs

Parents R2 000 R10 000 18 yrs 75 yrs

Children* R2 000 R5 000 0* 20 yrs*

* Children are covered up to the date of their 21st birthday, or 25th birthday if full-time students.

Note: A waiting period of 12 months applies in the event of death from natural causes, and 24 months in the event of death from pre-existing conditions or suicide.

Optional Retirement Annuity Cover

If you want to enjoy the same standard of living during your retirement years as you enjoy today, you can no longer rely on your company pension to provide you with sufficient wealth to do so. The Hollard Retirement Solution offers you:

· Affordable Monthly Investments – Choose your monthly investment amount based on your financial situation

· Tax Concessions with a Cash Lump Sum Payout – Your monthly contributions will reduce the tax you pay while you are earning, and when you retire, a portion of your payout is tax-free

· Monthly Income for Life – When your policy matures, two-thirds of the maturity value of your policy will be used to purchase a monthly income for you for life

· Choice of Cover Period – You decide when you want your payout, from the age of 55 to 69

· Professionally Managed Investment Portfolios – Choose between our Smoothed Portfolio, the Managed Portfolio or the Equity Tracker Portfolio OR

· Choose our unique Lifestage Investment Technology – this means we manage your investment on your behalf

· 30 Day Money Back Guarantee – You have 30 days to review your investment without any obligation and the guarantee of a full refund should you not be satisfied.

Optional Accidental Death Cover

If a serious accident left you permanently disabled or dead, would you or your family be able to survive financially? Hollard’s Accident Solution will go a long way to helping make sure you can, even if you are no longer able to provide for yourself and your family. The Accident Solution offers:

· A Choice of 2 Plans – from R100 000 to R250 000 cover to suit your budget

· Affordable Premiums – that start from as little as R95 for your whole family

· Tax-Free Cash Lump Sum Payout – in the event of death or disability caused by an accident. The benefit will be paid according to the severity of the disability, whether you can work or not

· Guaranteed Acceptance and No Medicals – Your acceptance is guaranteed if you are under 64 years of age and your cover is valid right up until age 75

· Automatic Access to Rapid Response Emergency Vehicles – who are ready to deliver life-saving emergency assistance when needed.

· R2 000 Cash Guarantee – for hospital admission in an emergency without financial worries

· Double Cover for Public Transport – Hollard Direct Solutions makes special provision for commuters, providing double the normal benefits if you’re killed while travelling on public transport

· 30 Day Money Back Guarantee – You have 30 days to review your investment without any obligation and the guarantee of a full refund should you not be satisfied.

How to Claim Lifestyle Benefits

It’s so easy to claim for all the Lifestyle Benefits you’re entitled to with Fenomenal Woman.

Simply call 0860 000 520 and your friendly and helpful call centre agent will assist you.

Some Important Facts

Fenomenal Woman is underwritten by Hollard Insurance Company – which gives you the peace-of-mind of knowing that you can rely on a reputable, trusted and established organisation.

You are under no obligation to take up Fenomenal Woman. On receipt of your policy, you have 30 days to review it and cancel it should you wish.

It’s easy to claim on your Fenomenal Woman policy. Simply contact Hollard to obtain a claim form. You will be advised on all additional documentation that is required for the claim to be processed. (Full contact details for Hollard’s Claims Department are supplied in your Fenomenal Woman policy document.)


For life insurance that fits you perfectly call 0800 25 25 25, SMS your name to 31462 or visit