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Microsoft’s Simple, Smart, Innovative ERP Solution for Trident

Trident SA: Customer Solution Case Study

Trident South Africa has a long and proud reputation as a quality manufacturer of underground locomotives for the South African mining industry and abroad.

However, the company’s old-fashioned DOS operating systems were no longer able to cope as the company expanded exponentially through a series of strategic joint ventures and new acquisitions. Trident needed a new IT solution that was easy to implement, intuitive and able to take them into the future.

Complex Issues call for Simple Solutions:

UCS Software proposed Trident implement Microsoft Dynamics. It was realistically positioned as a middle of the range ERP solution, which they could get up and running quickly and easily while scaling it for the business.

“Together with the role-tailoring aspect, we are literally able to sit a person in front of a screen and all the information they need to perform their job optimally is immediately and logically accessible,” says Simon Lewis, Trident SA’s Information Technology & Business Systems Manager.

“The implementation streamlined and simplified our operations incredibly. For example, all shipping documentation and invoices which were previously handled manually are generated and bar-coded by the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system. This automation has eliminated a lot of human error and all orders can now be tracked and administered efficiently.”

Cost estimates used to be laborious as each of Trident’s made-to-order units consists of hundreds of components. Where reps sometimes needed days to compile a quote, this takes just a few moments, giving them a considerable competitive advantage.

Smarter Operations Save Money and Increase Revenue:

The system has streamlined purchasing as Trident SA is able to get a precise idea of what is currently in the pipeline and what is required in terms of raw materials and components. Smarter production planning and minimal stockholding have a positive effect on the bottom line.

In addition to the custom designed workflows that have since been implemented, Microsoft Dynamics NAV has assisted Trident anticipate their clients’ needs better, creating a more proactive environment and enhancing relationships while growing a secondary revenue stream.

“As each unit is manufactured to spec, each locomotive will have a certain “basket of goods” which customers should be purchasing. Through Microsoft Dynamics we are able to get an overview of each customer and their purchasing history, Trident can now proactively recommend these complementary components to our customers,” elaborates Lewis.

Innovation and Flexibility allow for future Expansion:

“Microsoft Dynamics enables us to operate on a global scale. The knowledge that our technology is future-ready provides great peace of mind. We know that as our company continues to expand and evolve, the innovative "plug-in" infrastructure will ensure we stay at the top of our game.”


About Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamicsis a line of financial, customer relationship and supply chain management solutions that help businesses work more effectively. Delivered through a network of channel partners providing specialised services, these integrated, adaptable business management solutions work like and with familiar Microsoft software to streamline processes across an entire business.

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Working across all sectors of the market, the Microsoft Business Solutions division of UCS Software assists its customers with the most appropriate solutions for their requirements from Microsoft business applications including financial systems, stock management, project and service management, manufacturing, etc, and integrating these into the existing infrastructure within the client organisation. Using Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables UCS to offer clients the integration of critical financial, manufacturing, distribution, relationship management, and e-commerce data into a streamlined, comprehensive solution for growing mid-sized businesses.

The Microsoft Business Solutions division provides its clients with solutions for document management, document scanning, stock-take through mobile devices, sales/order processing, stock management applications, B2B or B2C e-commerce functionality, business intelligence and analysis and reporting tools, etc.

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“Our locomotives have a unique life-cycle requiring servicing and re-conditioning. With Microsoft Dynamics this can be tracked and managed right down to exactly which components each locomotive will require at each stage to keep it running optimally.

“In a nutshell, Microsoft Dynamics now forms the bedrock on which our company’s operations are built. We look forward to growing with a solution that has such attractive potential.”

Simon Lewis, Information Technology & Business Systems Manager, Trident SA


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